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The key theme of President Obama’s state of the union speech on Jan 25th was Innovation. There is no doubt that we all agree that innovation is the key to maintaining America’s coveted top spot in the global economy. Yet it will be innovation pushed forth from the private sector that will create the bulk of this success. Government funding may have helped create the Internet, but it took many startups and large companies to bring it to the masses.

At TiE, our mission is to foster entrepreneurship; through our collective thinking we decided that Innovation would be the most fitting theme for our annual conference, TiEcon. We tip our hats off to the head of state for recognizing the importance of Innovation since it’s very much in line with our mission here at TiE. But at TiE, we make a mission out of Innovation in showing innovators a path forward — a path forward to innovate , a path forward to create something big and meaningful for this world whether within their companies, or to go out and create the next Google or Facebook.

Whether you are an Intrapreneur or an Entrepreneur, you need tools to channel your Innovation. So what are the tools needed for channeling innovation? Equally important, we believe them to be the following:

  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Education
  • Funding
  • Celebrate


There are many who have tread this path before and so knowing some of the  roadblocks and how to clear them may save you months. Yes you need mentors who have done it before and that is what TiE provides. This year’s TiEcon will enable informal and formal mentoring 1-on-1 sessions with experienced and successful entrepreneurs we call TiE Charter Members


One reason to go to any conference or trade show is to network with your peers and competitors alike. TiE has one single-minded focus on fostering entrepreneurship, whether inside or outside your companies. Therefore, this year’s TiEcon is expanding its formal networking opportunities by allocating more time between sessions and expanding its coverage to include TiE Innovation Expo wherein you can network with your peers, your customers and partners.  TiEcon will offer you opportunities whether you need a co-founder or just some early team members.


Knowing how the system works is half the battle, and that is why TiEcon focuses on both basic and advanced skill workshops and panel sessions. This year we will focus on the 5 hottest technology trends of Cloud, Energy, Mobile, Physical Science and Social while enhancing our offering of basic how to sessions for entrepreneurs. We will have many inspiring speakers to keep your batteries charged.


Every successful innovation needs money to complete development and productize or to market and sell it to the general market.  At this year’s TiEcon, you will learn how to do fundraising and you will meet with many investors from seed to venture capitalists to late stage fund managers.


It is more important to celebrate small victories than to brood on setbacks.  This year’s TiEcon will end with a celebration of success in the form of a giant banquet and entertainment for entrepreneurs.


If you are an entrepreneur or want to be one, you can’t afford to miss TiEcon this year on May 13th and 14th at Santa Clara Convention Center.


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